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Boston Globe Coverage

By Jeff • Jan 19th, 2009

Kevin Lewis over at the Boston Globe apparently got wind of the TV Commercials article and wrote a small blurb yesterday. Here’s the link and here’s the copy: 

WITH THE ADOPTION of digital video recorders, fewer people watch commercials on TV anymore. After all, it’s not like anyone wants to watch commercials (except during the Super Bowl, maybe). However, new research says that you may be missing out. When college students were asked to watch an episode of “Taxi,” they enjoyed the version with commercials more than the version without commercials. The same thing happened when watching a nature show, such that students who watched the version with commercials were more willing to donate to wildlife preservation. The effect arises because the novelty of an experience can wear off, and a break can reset one’s attention. There are a couple caveats to the effect, though: It doesn’t apply to older people (with their longer attention spans), or to exciting shows. Of course, if younger people watch only exciting shows, then advertisers may be out of luck anyway.

It’s obviously nice to get the coverage, but it would have been nicer had Mr. Lewis contacted one of us for a comment. Then, perhaps, he wouldn’t have been quite so dramatic in his statments of when and for whom this effect doesn’t apply.


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  1. Hi Jeff, there’s a typo in the heading for this post 🙂

  2. Thanks Andrew. All fixed.

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