2019 Academic Marketing Climate Survey

Jeff Galak (CMU) and Barbara Kahn (Wharton)



To cite this, please use: "Galak, J., Kahn, B.E. 2019 Academic Marketing Climate Survey: motivation, results, and recommendations. Marking Letterts (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11002-021-09569-5"

This page contains the methods and results of the 2019 Academic Marketing Climate Survey. The methods are reported in a linked file below. To maintain the anonymity of all respondents, while providing as much transparency as possible, the results are reported in an interactive visualization. The visualization allows viewers to see all results, grouped and filtered by a variety of demographic and descriptive variables. If a grouping or filtering results in any aggregated data with fewer than 10 observations, that result is omitted, again, to maintain the anonymity of respondents. The visualization is as comprehensive as we could make it, which means that it can be a bit intimidating to use for those unfamiliar with it. To help with this issue, we have created a “walkthrough” video tutorial to help familiarize users with the visualization.

Note that we will NOT be making the raw data publicly available in order to maintain the anonymity of the respondents.



Link to Paper

Link to PDF of Climate Survey Manuscript Report

Link to PDF of Data Collection Methodology

Link to PDF of Summary Statistics of Demographic and Descriptive Variables

Link to Survey Instrument (Qualtrics Saved File)





Video Tutorial of Visualization


If you have any comments or interesting observations when looking at this visualization, we welcome your email. Please email either Jeff at jgalak@andrew.cmu.edu and/or Barbara at kahn@wharton.upenn.edu