Simulation Walkthroughs

This set of videos provide a quick look at some of the interactive simulations/visualizations that I’ve built to compliment my main “Data Intuition” videos. The links to the simulations/visualizations themselves can be found in the video descriptions.


Simulations - Supplementary Video Walkthrough for Presidential Election Forecast

How do you predict an election outcome? Who is going to be our next President? This video is a walkthrough of a very simple 2020 presidential election model simulation that predicts who will win the election based on current polling data. This is NOT a realistic model. It is meant to give you a sense of how such models would work by changing the inputs. However, if you believe the inputs at the state level, this IS a model of how the electorate would vote right now if an election were going on.

I strongly suggest watching the full video about what simulations are and how they work before you dig into this one. That video is here:

Link to Interactive Simulations for Weather Forecasting and for Presidential Election Outcome:


Learn more about who I am and why I'm doing this here:

Link to video about why percent positive rates are often far more useful than absolute counts for Covid-19 Infections:

Link to video explaining how Weather Forecasting simulation works:

Link to Video that Discusses Political Polling Accuracy and Reliability:

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